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Precise Trader has three types of Workshops:
  • Silver– How to identify trends. Entry, Exit, Stop Loss and Holding period. Money Management. Price Patterns (60 mins session a day for 5 days + 1live session + )
  • Gold– How to project price target, price and time control, violation zone and long range. Technical analysis (MA, Osc, Trend Channels & Fibonacci). Money Management. (90 mins session a day for 5 days)
  • Platinum– Introduction to our Dashboard, PT Zone, Trend Reports, Strongest Weakest. (90 mins session a day for 5 days)
Each workshop last for 5 days, basically Monday to Friday with each sessions running for around 60mins – 90 mins. It is an interactive workshop where you will have enough time to analyze, digest and come back the next day with more questions. You will be trained with Live case studies and experience Live trading sessions. The workshops are conducted for a maximum of 10 participants. This is to ensure that the instructor would be able to respond to the every need of the individual.

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