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Momentum Trading

PT Signals Momentum Trading features Real Time Trading Signals on 44 currencies pairs and Precious Metals mainly based on the FX1- FX4 and PT1- PT9 reports.

1. Momentum Trading Signals are generated ad-hoc whenever markets moves or trades outside of our Zone 2 Resistance or Support Levels. The Holding Period is between 6 Hours to a Week depending on market forces.

2. In Momentum based Trading Strategies, when there is a breakout, a Limit Order and a Stop Order Signal, which is a One cancel the Other (OCO) order, when one order gets filled then the Other is automatically cancelled,  will be sent whether it is a Half Lot or Full Lot depending on the Confidence and the Entry method.

3. The Stop Loss is revised only when the market is in our favor and stipulated Time Belt.  The Signals are very systematic and no emotion is in control at all times.

4. The Momentum trading system Signals may be only Closed @ market if the market is very volatile or may get stopped out. For Day Traders the system automatically closes on New York close and the Next day would be a new Entry. Sometimes you may be getting one buy and one sell entry.

5. Final adjustment for the Day is done 14 to 15.30 GMT, this is the time we adjust the Stop loss, Target, Exit before the Market closes. Traders are expected to pay attention during the specified time to increase the efficiency of the trade calls.

6. The Momentum trading for forex Signals are sent via the Website, Email and SMS (optional). Our signal includes: 1. Entry Type 2. Entry Level 3. Stop Loss Level 4. Exit Level

We are the Momentum trading indicators the Message will be send Via Email or SMS on Order filled, Revised Stop / Price Target only if necessary otherwise, it would be adjusted at the second time belt. This Service is mainly for Serious Traders who only trade on the Majors, Minors, and Yen Crosses but have no time to look at the Technicals for their Trading Decisions and learn to Trade Successfully. Please be aware of the Risk Disclosure and proper Money management must be applied for those not sure please call on Skype @ Precisetrader.

PT Signal Momentum Trading Alert
1 APR 04:46:23 (GMT)
Currency: GBPJPY
Current Price: 14200
Order Type: Limit Buy
Entry @ 14190
Stop @ 14160
Exit @ 14250
1 DEC 2017 08:02 (GMT)
1 DEC 2017 13:32 (Local)
Expiry Date
1 DEC 2017 22:00 (GMT)
2 DEC 2017 03:30 (Local)
Limit Sell (0.5lot)
Current: 9842 Entry: 9842
Stop: 9872 Exit: 9812

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