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Members Area Features

Basic Live Signals:

Precise Trader provides Real time signals and they are delivered through the Website and Email. The Basic Live Signals are for those clients who have subscribed to the Report PT Forex Reports (FX1 to FX4) or PT Cross Report 1-9. The Signals are limited to three per Week and they only get the Crosses they subscribe for, this is done mainly to help you to use the Report and understand the Report. We are providing these Basic Live Signals, free as a Promotion for a limited time period. As this is a free service we are not committed to fulfill the required number of signals per week.

Dashboard Strategy (Only for Premium members):

This Strategy is given access to clients who subscribe to the PT Cross Report 1-9 and this Strategy is very useful to identify the Strength against each other on specific Crosses - especially the PT Strategy 1 & 2. Forget about Studying numerous Oscillators, Indicators and Scanning Charts to identify the Trade Signals. This tool will help you to decide when to Enter, Exit and Stop Loss for all the Crosses and when to stay away from the market. After all that is the Key to Success in Forex industry.

Strongest & Weakest:

This is one of the best tools that we have provided for our traders in Our Member’s trading screen. This tool will show the Strongest Cross and the Weakest Cross on different time frames compared with the other eight Crosses. When you apply the PLP theory you cannot go wrong in your decision unless it is a false break or in a Range Trading.

Best Cross to trade

This tool compliments the Strongest and Weakest tool. You can use this tool to LONG the Strongest against the Weakest or SHORT the Weakest against the Strongest.

Hi Low Time

Hi low Time is a simple theory we apply to trade against the Trend or even with the Trend. When you see a particular Cross that has registered High against the Other Crosses on a specific Time Belt then that might give a hint of a turn. This tool together with our Price Levels should give a good trading signal.

PT Zone Alert

This is an Alert system that will announce when the current price has crossed one of our important Zone levels. The Alert will mention

  • Sup Zone 1,2 5 & 7
  • Res Zone 1, 2, 5 & 7
  • Weekly Sup 2
  • Weekly Res 2
  • Monthly Sup 2
  • Monthly Res 2

All these levels will be highlighted when the market touches any one of these levels. You can also get an E mail alert or even an SMS Alert (chargeable) for these levels.

Calendar Alert

This is an Alert system that will announce when the important economic data is about to take place. You can set the alert time to your Choice before announcement for example 10 min, 30 min or 1 hour before the important data announcement.

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