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The First in the World to incorporate Price Level Principle (PLP) and to use in the Markets to take your trading decision with easePrice is a KING and it exhibits certain Characteristic behavior as markets are traded by Humans and not Machines.

Scalping Trades

What Is Scalp Trading?

Free forex signals online with real time trading signals on 44 currencies pairs and precious metals. Top Indicators for a Scalping Trading Strategy and Signals Scalping Trading features.

Day trading

How Day Trading Works?

Forex day trading Signals and Stratagies in the best forex day trading platform. We provide the real time day tradng signals we will send the signals through Website, Email and SMS. fx trading strategies.

Momentum trading

What Does Swing Trading Mean?

The Signals are very systematic and no emotion is in control at all times. The Signals may be only Closed @ market if the market is very volatile or may get stopped out. For Day Traders the system automatically closes on New York close.

Momentum trading

What Is Momentum Trading?

The Stop Loss is revised only when the market is in our favour and stipulated Time Belt. The Signals are very systematic and no emotion is in control at all times. Sometimes you may be getting one buy and one sell entry

News Trading

How To Trade Forex On News?

The Stop Loss is automatically revised to cost when the market is making a Profit of 30 Pips. Ad hoc Signal is only sent when the market has a good move and worth considering to trade. .


Webinar Introduction

We have designed interesting interactive. Webinar sessions which cover topics on how we derive our five types of Trade Signals and our Workshops. In total we have six different types of webinars which are: Webinar on PT Signals Scalping Trading, Day Trading, Swing Trading, Momentum Trading, News Trading, Live Trading.

Workshop Introduction

Silver– How to identify trends. Entry, Exit, Stop Loss and Holding period. Money Management. Price Patterns (60 mins session a day for 5 days + 1live session + ), Gold– How to project price target, price and time control, violation zone and long range. Technical analysis (MA, Osc, Trend Channels & Fibonacci). Money Management. (90 mins session a day for 5 days), Platinum– Introduction to our Dashboard, PT Zone, Trend Reports, Strongest Weakest. (90 mins session a day for 5 days).

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